My Favorite Book

My Favorite book is Holes. The book Holes is about this boy named Stanley Yelnets III. Stanley says that he has a curse because of his no good dirty rotten pig stealing great great grandfather. Stanley was accused of stealing some shoes so he had a choice to go to Camp Greenlake or go to jail and he chose Camp Greenlake. At Camp Greenlake the boys have to dig a hole 5ft long and 5ft wide. Later on he discovers that the warden of the camp has  teh kids diiging holes because she is looking for something, but what is she looking for? Stanley makes friends but theres one friend that he really gets along with and that is Zero but his real naem is Hector Zeroni. Then Stanley starts telling the story how his great great grandfather fell in love with a girl and to marry her he had to offer her dad a pig, so he went to this ladry called madam Zeroni and she told him to carry the pig up a mountain and to sing with him a peom and everyday eh will grow stranger. But madam Zeroni also said that on teh last day he had to go pick her up and carry her up the mountain and sing to her so she can get stroinger too and if he didn’t do that his whole family will be cursed forever, and Stanley’s great great granfather left  without taking madam Zeroni up teh mountain. There was also another story about the camp once a long time ago the town’s school teacher fell in love with a man there but the govener’s son was in love with her too, the problem was that one day the govener’s son saw her kising the other man. That day he conviced the town’s people to burn down the school and they went after teh other man he was going to cross teh lake with his boat but they shot him and he died, and since that day they shot him it;’s never rained in Camp Greenlake. The teacher became Kissing Kate Barlow because she wantes revenge for the death of his lover so he went stealing money and before she killed soemone she would kiss them she had a lot of money and dug it near teh camp so the Warden and her family have been looking for the treasure for over 100 years. Until one day Stanley ran away and so did Zero and they climbed a mountain and then Stanley sang the song his great great grandpa had to sing and the curse was broken so when they went back to camp looking for the treasure they found it. It was late at night and they found the treasure but the Warden saw them and was going to steal the treasure but then there were alot of yellow spotter lizards they are very poisinous. The Warden started telling Stanley’s lawyer that he had stolen it from her house but then Zero said it was true because it had Stanley’s name in it and the Warden was surprised but at the end she ended up going to jail becasue she was making the kids dig holes for her benefit. At the end of the book it finally rained in Camp Greenlake and Zero and Stanley split the money in half so they were both rich.

Characters:  Stanley Yelnats III, Zero, Armpit, Zig Zag, X-Ray, Squid, Magnet, Warden, Madame Zeroni, Stanley Yelnats I, Kate Barlow, Mr.Sir, Mr.Pendanski

Favorite quote:” If only, if only, the woodpecker sighs, The bark on the tree was just a little bit softer. While the wolf waits below ,hungry and lonely, He cries to the moo-moo-moon if only if only”


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