My Favorite College

For the admission you need a 3.0 G.P.A on a 4.0 scale and enough undergraduate training so you can do graduate work in your chosen field. You also need a bachelor’s degree or a recognized equivalent from a recredited institution. Uc Berkeley majors in pshycology, sociology, biophysics, dance, and economics. The cost for attending this school is different depending if your a resident or a non resident. If you are a resident housing and utilities, food, books, personal, transportation, and tuition and fees will cost $55,512 living in a residence hall. Living off campus the cost will be $51,040 and if you are living with relatives it will be $46,372. If you are a resident living in a residence hall it will cost $32,634, living off campus it will cost $28,162. Some scholarships that they offer at this college is school pride scharlorship, rentacomputer care scholarship, or hispanic republic relations association scholar program and many more. The scholarships for undergraduate students are based on two things financial need and academic merit. For you to apply for a scholarship you must need financial need and a 4.1 G.P.A when you are entering Berkeley from high school. If you are coming from a four-year college then you need a G.P.A of 3.5 and if you are a student of Uc Berkeley you must keep your 3.5 G.P.A so that you still have your scholarship.

This is UC Berkeley logo and their mascot is a a bear.


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